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Food Trucks

Food trucks must meet university guidelines. 


In order to meet university requirements food trucks must be engaged through Off the Grid. Lead time for such arrangements should be a minimum of two weeks so that you can arrange for an appropriate food truck and parking location. You must receive permission from Parking and Transportation for your planned parking site no later than 3 days in advance and preferably more.

Planning Tips from Off the Grid

  • Minimums. Food trucks requested for special events typically require a minimum charge of $1,500–$3,000 which covers prep-time, travel and basic operating costs.  
  • Trash. Vendors are generally equipped with waste bins (recycling, landfill and compost) so you can expect them to remove their own waste. Generally they do not have additional staff to bus and clean the dining space. 
  • Signage. Each vendor has a unique approach to menu display which may include an 8.5" x 11" print out, chalkboard or magnet strip. The sponsor may want print up some large format custom menus to create consistency for its event. 
  • Logistics. Food trucks will generally arrive 30 minutes to one hour before service starts and will leave soon after the event is over. The trucks are roughly 25' long by 8' wide.
  • Vendor Booking Process. Each vendor is a small independently owned business so there is not a master schedule showing all food truck availability. Best is for you to identify a few options and be flexible with your exact selection. In order to book a truck, please contact Off the Grid at the email address below.
  • Cancelation. Sponsors should not cancel their commitment at the last minute. These are small businesses that rely on your business. Be considerate and meet your commitments.


Off the Grid

Chantel Call

Parking and Transportation, 650-723-9362